Cannabis Criminalisation & Benefits of Marijuana Legalization

Cannabis ProhibitionThere are sure a lot of people who think, if there is a Law against something, there must be important reasons of it and it is a serious matter. And that the Law is built on a scientific and sociological background, which brought our leaders to the conclusion, that Cannabis alias Hemp is dangerous for mankind and society and it is necessary to make the prohibition to protect the people.

And yes, it has an important reason to make this law and it is dangerous for the people, especially the law. What brings us to the question, is weed bad for you? But in fact, to protect the people wasn’t the reason on which the Law is built on.

So, if you are a person who unconditionally believe in the justice and righteousness of the Government and that the laws are built from the people for the people, you are going to get very disappointed. And the following content is nothing for you and you should stop reading now. Or you continue reading and open your mind for the truth.

I am not going to deep in every detail of the progress of the Marijuana Prohibition, but give you an overview of the major points, why is marijuana illegal.

At first we should realize that Cannabis, that’s the plant where marijuana alias weed is coming from, was used over thousand of years in every corner of the world from nearly every culture in human history. And it was used for so many different things. We made clothes, ropes, oil, building materials, medicine and much more. All from one universal plant. So economically, ecologically and sustainably.

There was no problem with cannabis and the usage of weed in the United States of America and all over the world. Until the very last day on which the responsible decided otherwise. There was no abuse, no black market, no criminals, no death in the drug war, not a single death from the usage of marijuana and much less spending on taxes ecetera. Just a normal plant that  people uses if they wanted or need to.

But why should the Government make a bill of law on cannabis, if there don’t exists any problems for us people with it? And there was no reason before to ask if is weed bad for you. Simply, because cannabis were and is used for political interests. And there is a problem for the political interests if we growing weed and use it for our own purpose.

Why is marijuana illegal

hemp vs trees paperReason Nr.1  Hemp vs Trees

Cannabis respectively hemp is a huge fibre supplier. It grows much faster than trees, which is the established fibre resource and one hectare hemp provides 4 times more fibre than one hectare trees.

For those who are not familiar with lobyism and financial politics. That means that the industrial paper giant, who depends on the fibre of trees, don´t want that there is an alternative and better way to produce Paper. And who has contracts and owns land from where he gets the commodity to produce paper, don´t want Hemp as competition. The natural progress of the market would wipe him out.

Reason Nr.2  Benefits of marijuana and the pharmaceutical industry

There are a huge variety of different things which from cannabis can be received. One of them are the Cannabinoids. The most popular are THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD Cannabidiol and CBN Cannabinol. There is much more variety of Cannabinoids but those are the most important in this matter. Some of them are psychoactive, others not.

This ingredient are also the reason why people smoke weed, because of the effects. But much more important than that is the great diversity of health benefits which are coming with the Cannabinoids. Booth, Studies and practical use showed us, that the curative application of Cannabinoid rich Marijuana Buds – Weed ranging from physiological to neurological diseases.

Cannabis and the U.S GovernmentThis cheap remedy with almost no sideffects (compare to pharmaceutical, chemical drugs), for everyone easily accessible directly from nature, with real curing properties is essentially the most dangerous enemy to one of the biggest industries on planet earth- the pharmaceutical industry. They have no patients, they have customers. And if they provide real medicine, which not only cover the symptoms, but actually cure the cause, they want to be longer one of the biggest financial successful industries.

Only a sick customer is a good customer could be there slogan. Who knows, maybe it is.

I could go much more deeper in every single reason but this should be just an overview and it would be beyond the scope.

Reaon Nr.3 Marijuana legalization not just for the ethnic population

marijuana propagandaA political Agenda against an ethnic population.
While the Mexican war of independence a lot of Mexicans escape to the USA to build their new existence. In the Mexican society Marijuana takes a big part in the daily life and culture. For the Mexicans were to use Marijuana as normal as for the Europeans today to drink a beer and there was no problem to do so. Actually, the term Marijuana comes from Mexico. So after Mexicans immigrate to the states they still use marijuana in their daily life.
Fluidextract cannabis indica

At this point it wasn’t illegal in the USA. For some reason the politics have troubles with the Mexican population and decided to make an incitement political campaign against them. But not because the Mexicans make more troubles than other citizens. It was because of the jobs, which the conservative white politics liked to see white people working there rather than Mexicans.

But in the constitution is written that every human no matter where he comes from have equal rights. So what they have done is to make marijuana illegal what the most part of the Mexican used it for generations and what is part of their culture. So as the politics had legal rights to criminalize Mexicans because of their tradition.
The prisons were filled, the jobs went to the designated section of the population and the ghettos were created.

Reason Nr. 4  Hemp vs Cotton

Until the 19th century, hemp was the most important commodity for textile fiber because of the reason i described above. Hemp grows extremely fast and his fibre is very robust and durable.

Hemp fibre vs cotton vibreBut in this time more and more Cotton comes from Asia to Europe and America. And it was very cheap, because the cotton was produced in slave labor. But cotton is very susceptible to diseases and pests and need a lot of pesticides or herbicides and is far from a sustainable resource. Hemp do not need pesticides or herbicides and his fibre is 3 times stronger than the fibre from cotton.

The Chemical industry earned huge amounts of the chemicals the provided to grow cotton.

This pushed hemp from the market as Nr.1 fibre supplier. Another geopolitical and economic move for the industrial complex and against the people.

What we should have learned from the Alcohol Prohibition

If History is good for something, than it is to learn from it. If it is true of course, otherwise it would be manipulative.

The Alcohol Prohibition from 1920-1933 had showed us that, if the gouvernment decied to make something forbiden by law, what people like to consume anyway and of their right of self-determination it did not go well.

What happend was:

American Prohibition and MafiaPeople consume it anyway and if a law is against it the demand increases. Is there no legal place to buy and no right to produce it yourself, the foundation is created for the black market. The Mafia rises and get stronger and stronger because of the Alcohol money they made. Now a real threat was born. The only way to cope with it was to legalize alcohol again.

The same situation we can find today with marijuana. The Main difference is the reason of the prohibition and that weed is not as dangerous for the people as alcohol. The Mexican cartels are so huge and powerful that they have their own army and ten thousands of people work for them.

Everything because the people want to use weed and the prohibition created the black market. If there was no threat before, now it was born.

But the politicians are not stupid. They act for the people as they are but they know very well of the reasons and the situation. Unfortunately, they want it this way. This is their creation. The Legalization of marijuana is the only solution.

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