Learn to grow your own weed for self-sufficiency

If you have read the previous posts about “Pro and Cons of Cannabis Use“, “Is Weed bad for you?” and the “History of the marijuana prohibition“, we finally reached the point to talk about the best solution to avoid the most trouble and dangers which are connected with cannabis usage.

Self-sufficiency for independency 

High Grade WeedTo get the best quality high grade weed, cheaper and much more than you can imagine. Without unhealthy and dangerous chemicals, naturally and fresh. And without the risk to get problems with the police through contact with the black market.

We are talking about growing weed on your own . Much more, better, cheaper and less risky.

So if you growing your own weed, the question “is weed bad for you” does not a matter anymore, regarding to the quality of the weed, the types of weed you prefer (with the most benefits for you personally) and your contact and dependence on the black market .

And it is really easy when you know how to do. I had my last contact with the blackmarket to getting my weed a long time ago. And I will never buy my weed there again. But you know, never say never. But as long i can grow my own weed, i would not buy it there again, except there is no other way.

High qualitiy self grown marijuanaBut there is an other way.

About 20 years ago i began to learn everything about cannabis and how to grow it for my self. How to grow weed outdoor and how to grow weed indoor. Female and masculine plants, what light for indoor, on which medium to grow, vegetative phase and productive phase etcetera.

The good thing is, you don´t need to find all this informations by your own as i did.

With this great Cannabis Growguide E-Book you get every information to grow your own weed. A Simply Step by Step Guide for beginners to get your first harvest soon . And as well a lot of informations for advanced growers to educate yourself .

You simple follow this Growguide and it shows you:

  • Which equipment you need and where you get in from
  • To grow weed from Seeds and with clones
  • How to Grow Weed outdoors
  • How to Grow Weed indoors
  • Everything you have to know about the Cannabis Plant
  • The different types of weed
  • To build your stealth indoor growing System
  • To protect your outdoor grow
  • Learn everything about how to protect yourself
  • To be prepared. You Get all the legal facts, know your rights, and stay safe
  • and much much more

Those are the most important key points for me in this great offer. But there is a lot more in it. You get a few bonus E-Books too. Related stuff as how to cook with cannabis or how to build your own smoke equipment. And a Cannabis Strain Guide with over 1000 different Weed varieties illustrated with pictures and description.

This is definitely my recommendation to everyone who would like to smoke clean weed with high quality. And of course, it is the cheapest and safest way to get your weed.

Marijuana Grow Guide E BookFor example, you follow this Grow Guide, step by step and grow just 1 plant. And you do it as will be explained, and your Marijuana Plant grows healthy and about 150 cm tall. The result of the harvest of just one Cannabis plant could be about 100-250 gram dry, best quality marijuana buds. Depending on the variety and on the technik and quality of your work more or less. You can make you a picture of the potential.

How much does weed cost today on the blackmarket? 5-10 Bugs a gram? Lets say 7,50 $ a gram and 150 gram for your first harvest with just a single plant.

One Plant 150 gram x 7,5 $ = 1125 $ 

We are talking about how much you potentially can save not earn. I am not suggesting to sell weed. We want to get rid of the black market not feed it

And  this Cannabis Growguide show you how to grow up to 6 of this 1,50m tall sweet Ladys on a single square meter.

Another reccomentation from me is this Cannabis Seed Bank. Here you can find a huge amount of different marijuana strains in regulär, feminized and automatic marijuana seeds for sale. And the best thing is, they deliver Worldwide.

I know a lot of you are curious, amazed, interested and can´t wait to grow your own weed. If you do so, purchase this grow guide, you won’t regret it.

I wish you a lot of success and a green thumb.

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