Is Cannabis an Effective Antidepressant and Sedative?

Is Cannabis an Effective Antidepressant and Sedative?

Feeling sad is a normal part of your everyday life. However, if the feelings of sadness take over your life, you end up feeling depressed. As a result, you become antisocial, alone, and highly anxious. 

Studies indicate that the use of antidepressants is widespread, with individuals taking antidepressants ranging from the age of 12. Besides, the medical condition continues to rise, and between 1999 to 2014, there was a 65% increase. As a result, it is evident that many individuals, approximately 350 million, are suffering from depression from around the world. 

Finding antidepressants and other depression treatment platforms that are active and effective is what researchers are prioritizing. From their studies, the introduction of cannabis as a possible depression treatment is what many are currently discussing. Since cannabis has many health benefits, researchers believe that with the right cannabis strain or content, you may have a fighting chance against depression. 

What depression does to the body and mind

According to the study of the role of neural plasticity in depression with a focus on the hippocampus in 2017, depression results from changes in specific areas of the brain, i.e. the hippocampus. When suffering from depression, the hippocampus degenerates and as a result, shrinks in size and performance. The hippocampus works to ensure balance in your emotional state, improve your cognitive or learning capabilities, and enhances your memory capabilities. 

A solution to depression treatment is trying to enhance the growth of the neurons in the hippocampus, i.e. supporting neural regeneration. It is the main reason that individuals have prescription medication for depression as antidepressants. They stimulate neural regeneration in the brain, which improves on these factors (emotions, learning, and individual memory sustenance). 

Cannabis and depression

Cannabis and depression

In combination with other lifestyle changes such as diet and including cannabis, fighting depression becomes easier. Get the best terpenes associated with uplifting effects, mood-changing with a bit of sedation for relaxation, or resting. You can get the best cannabis terpenes from different cannabis seeds. 

Cannabis seeds or strains with high contents of the terpenes limonene and beta-caryophyllene are especially useful. Not only do they boost your mood, but they also lift your spirits and are highly stimulating. For the best effects, seek strains that do not induce the couch lock effect as you need to interact to shake the depression thoroughly.

If aiming at acquiring the best uplifting effect, it is better to seek cannabis Sativa strains as limonene is present in most of them. Remember, it is essential to avoid the couch lock or sedation effects that is dominant in many terpenes that aid in treating depression and anxiety. For the strain to work and medical improvement to be visible, patients require a motivating, energizing, and above all, socializing cannabis effect. 

How does cannabis work?

Medical studies indicate that cannabis works by enhancing neural regeneration in the hippocampus. It protects the brain neurons responsible for seizures, thus why there was a high reduction in the number of times the patient suffered seizure attacks. The cannabidiol present in cannabis helps maintain the health of the hippocampus, ensuring essential neuron growth is optimal, and so are brain functionalities. 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body. The endocannabinoid system has a similar structure with cannabis and is responsible for providing balance for the different body systems. The system promotes better memory capability, reduces and provides relief from pain induces inflammation, maintains a healthy appetite, provides sleep, among others. By enhancing the endocannabinoid functions, anandamide production increases, and this is the level of neural regeneration. 

CBD promotes continuous serotonin production in the body. Since the antidepressants work the same way, it results in a reduction in the symptoms of depressions. Individuals become more social, active, and have much better sleep.CBD can induce better sleep-aiding individuals suffering from sleep disorders, which is a symptom of depression. Also, it improves moods and allows individuals to relax and rest adequately. As a result, patients wake energized and can go about their daily duties. 

Cannabis medical treatment 

Cannabis medical treatment

Clinical trials are continuously advising on the dosage and usage of cannabis for depression. The ratio of THC and CBD content in your cannabis strain from different autoflowering seeds impacts profoundly on the outcomes, especially if taking it for medical purposes. High levels of THC come with psychoactive behavior, which is unsuitable as it may aggravate depression symptoms. Also, too high doses of CBD may be ineffective in treating the medical condition. 

If suffering from anxiety and chronic stress, which are also reasons for treating depression, you may want to seek cannabis strains with a slightly higher ratio. However, for the right antidepressant and sedative effect, start with a 1:1 rate and progressively grow to the larger proportions if it proves ineffective. However, it is essential to know that studies indicate that lower doses of CBD in cannabis work better than higher doses. 

Combining the use of prescription medication with cannabinoids yields better results according to medical research. A study researching the effects of prescription medication and cannabis use to treat depression on mice discovered the effectiveness of the process. The study results put emphasis or not abandoning your medicine once you start using cannabis to treat your depression. It indicates that you may get relief fast if you use the two medical treatment processes at the same time. 

If you desire to use cannabis to treat depression, ensure you buy weed online Canada and have it delivered safely to your home or the preferred location. Ensure you seek advice on reputable cannabis sources before purchasing quality and legal purposes. Besides, see a medical professional or cannabis expert for further guidance on using medical cannabis for your depression. It will help you know how much medical marijuana to take and at the same time, exercise safety measures. 


Incorporating CBD in your daily routine may aid in providing relief whenever you suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, or have chronic stress. With proper advice, dosage, and safety measures in place, you can use cannabis to help you go through the day without any hiccups.