Is weed bad for you? My intention of creating this website!

Marijuana States of America

Literally everybody knows anything about cannabis this days and its a really loaded topic.

Since about 5000 years, this is how long we can track it back in history, the human kind is using cannabis respectively weed in many different cultures.

Especially since the prohibition of cannabis about 100 years ago, there is a lot of information going around. In the Newspaper, Television, School and Gossip.

There are so many different and contradictory information about Marijuana, so that everyone gets flooded with it and are building his opinion based on this information, disinformation, propaganda and pop.

But what is true about it an what fake? Is weed bad for you? What are the Pros and Cons of the weed effects?. What should we really know about cannabis and how should we deal with it.

So I decided to build a Website where I can go deeper in those questions and I will give you the best answers to that based on my experience and studies.

But I promise, I will make it as short and understandable as I can. And if you decide to follow my explanations and interpretations you will get good entertained as well. Because what you are going to read is revealing and exciting.

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