Hydroponics: A Quick Guide To Starting Homegrown Cannabis

Are you interested in taking homegrown cannabis to the next level? Welcome to the wonderful world of hydroponics. If you have ever bitten into hydroponic marijuana, you can’t help but be curious as to how it’s done. This is a quick guide to getting you started in growing cannabis hydroponically.

The System

There are four popular hydroponic systems:

  •  Water Culture Hydroponics.

This system consists of reservoirs that hold the cultivators’ desired water plant solution. In the tank, there are floating plants in planters, which the roots are always submerged.

  • Drip and Ebb Flow system.

The ebb flow system is like the water culture, but instead of the roots being submerged, they are dropped on by a steady drip through a hose. 

  • Aeronicops

Aeroponics is a system that, instead of using predominantly water, uses a system that mist water into an airtight enclosure. The roots are suspended in the air, so the roots get high levels of oxygen. 

cannabis leave

Focus on Drip System

The drip system is easy to maintain. You will need a decent size tote that is plastic. Pick one that is black if possible because we don’t want to let any light get into the bin, which could cause root rot. Make sure also that the container has a lid that can stay on tight. Next, you will need to go to a hydro store and purchase unique net pots that have a mesh-like bottom and sides. Also, we will need a fish pump an air stone/pump and some tubing that fits the desired pump.

First, we will cut holes in the top of the bin so that the net pots fit snug but no fall-through. After that, we will want to cut a hole in the side of the net pots so that the tubing fits through to get to the roots. Hook up and connect with connecters the tubes to the one pump. Hosing and conductors can be purchased at your local hardware store. After that, throw in the air stone in the bottom with the pump being outside of the bin. Fill the container with 4-8 gallons of water depending on the size of your bin. Should be about 6 inches deep of water.

There are many different types of medians to fill the net pots with. Most are pretty much all the same, but we are going to use hydroton as it seems to disperse the water to the roots evenly and is cheap. 


There are two ways of creating a pleasant atmosphere. One you can buy plastic and create a room or two you can purchase online grow tents. These tents are perfect as they consist of poles to hang lights and holes for installing ventilation.

Generally speaking, you are going to want to keep the room at a consistent 65 to 75 degrees. This varies from strain to strain. You need fresh air to blow in and fresh air to blow out. A fan is also required to push the air around inside the grow tent. Humidity can also be an issue depending on where you live in the world. A dehumidifier may be needed to be purchased depending on how your type of cannabis responds to humidity.

Cannabis plant


To make cannabis grow, you will need to pick up an HID light. These can range from 80 to 1200 watts. The more watts, the bigger and better the plant will grow. Keep in mind that the higher the wattage means more heat. If you have the money for a 1000-watt light and need to maintain 75 degrees, you will want to hook up a fan to the light, as it got the growing environment super hot. 

You are going to want to keep the light on for 18 hours and six off. This will save on power and still maintain enough light to keep the cannabis grow at an optimal level. If your cannabis is starting to produce small buds, you will need to trigger the flowering stage by setting a timer to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. In 3-7 days, you will start seeing the flowers begin to develop. Be careful not to interrupt the plants with light when the light cycle is supposed to be dark as this will cause the plant to do bad things, including reducing how big the flower is.


Once you have your room all set up, you are going to feed your cannabis a specific formula of nutrients which suit your plants’ particular needs. Pick a line of nutrients that are ideal for your type strain of cannabis. Make sure to test your water for its PPM (parts per million) and PH. An Ideal PPM is anywhere from 1000 to 2000PPM and a PH of 6.5. A PPM meter and PH meter can be purchased at a hydroponic store or online. It is essential to keep an eye out for PPM and PH levels, as this is crucial in the deployment of your precious cannabis.


If you have read the previous posts about “Pro and Cons of Cannabis Use“, “Is Weed bad for you?” and the “History of the marijuana prohibition“, we finally reached the point to talk about the best solution to avoid the most trouble and dangers which are connected with cannabis usage.

Self-sufficiency for independency 

High Grade WeedTo get the best quality high grade weed, cheaper and much more than you can imagine. Without unhealthy and dangerous chemicals, naturally and fresh. And without the risk to get problems with the police through contact with the black market.

We are talking about growing weed on your own . Much more, better, cheaper and less risky.

So if you growing your own weed, the question “is weed bad for you” does not a matter anymore, regarding to the quality of the weed, the types of weed you prefer (with the most benefits for you personally) and your contact and dependence on the black market .

And it is really easy when you know how to do. I had my last contact with the blackmarket to getting my weed a long time ago. And I will never buy my weed there again. But you know, never say never. But as long i can grow my own weed, i would not buy it there again, except there is no other way.

High qualitiy self grown marijuanaBut there is an other way.

About 20 years ago i began to learn everything about cannabis and how to grow it for my self. How to grow weed outdoor and how to grow weed indoor. Female and masculine plants, what light for indoor, on which medium to grow, vegetative phase and productive phase etcetera.

The good thing is, you don´t need to find all this informations by your own as i did.

With this great Cannabis Growguide E-Book you get every information to grow your own weed. A Simply Step by Step Guide for beginners to get your first harvest soon . And as well a lot of informations for advanced growers to educate yourself .

You simple follow this Growguide and it shows you:

  • Which equipment you need and where you get in from
  • To grow weed from Seeds and with clones
  • How to Grow Weed outdoors
  • How to Grow Weed indoors
  • Everything you have to know about the Cannabis Plant
  • The different types of weed
  • To build your stealth indoor growing System
  • To protect your outdoor grow
  • Learn everything about how to protect yourself
  • To be prepared. You Get all the legal facts, know your rights, and stay safe
  • and much much more

Those are the most important key points for me in this great offer. But there is a lot more in it. You get a few bonus E-Books too. Related stuff as how to cook with cannabis or how to build your own smoke equipment. And a Cannabis Strain Guide with over 1000 different Weed varieties illustrated with pictures and description.

This is definitely my recommendation to everyone who would like to smoke clean weed with high quality. And of course, it is the cheapest and safest way to get your weed.

Marijuana Grow Guide E BookFor example, you follow this Grow Guide, step by step and grow just 1 plant. And you do it as will be explained, and your Marijuana Plant grows healthy and about 150 cm tall. The result of the harvest of just one Cannabis plant could be about 100-250 gram dry, best quality marijuana buds. Depending on the variety and on the technik and quality of your work more or less. You can make you a picture of the potential.

How much does weed cost today on the blackmarket? 5-10 Bugs a gram? Lets say 7,50 $ a gram and 150 gram for your first harvest with just a single plant.

One Plant 150 gram x 7,5 $ = 1125 $ 

We are talking about how much you potentially can save not earn. I am not suggesting to sell weed. We want to get rid of the black market not feed it

And  this Cannabis Growguide show you how to grow up to 6 of this 1,50m tall sweet Ladys on a single square meter.

Another reccomentation from me is this Cannabis Seed Bank. Here you can find a huge amount of different marijuana strains in regulär, feminized and automatic marijuana seeds for sale. And the best thing is, they deliver Worldwide.

I know a lot of you are curious, amazed, interested and can´t wait to grow your own weed. If you do so, purchase this grow guide, you won’t regret it.

I wish you a lot of success and a green thumb.

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brain-study on marijuanaIt is highly likely that you have heard the statement of marijuana consumption killing your brain cells. Despite of the majority being a firm believer of the statement, it is to be mentioned here that it is nothing but a myth. Taking this into consideration, we would like have the liberty of debunking the myth with the information mentioned below. We have elaborated a few of the major benefits that marijuana has to offer for the health of your brain. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the benefits in order to let you have a better idea.

Brain Growth:

Weed for Brain cellsIt is indispensable to mention here that your brain does not stop growing. A continuous process of neurogenesis ensures that new brain cells are being formed at all times. This process is assisted in a remarkable fashion with the consumption of weed.

Cannabichromene, a constituent of weed speeds up the process of neurogenesis. With the growth of brain cells, the function and overall health of brain is enhanced exponentially. In order to give you a better idea, it is to be mentioned here that marijuana specifically acts and enhances the function of hippocampus that improves your memory.

Chronic Stress:

There is no argument over the fact that marijuana happens to be one of the finest cure against chronic stress. Consumption of weed releases hormones such as dopamine and serotonin which enable you to feel good about yourself. Such hormone secretion promotes a sense of relaxation and calm and cozy physical and mental state. All of such features that consumption of weed has to offer ensures that chronic stress can be kept at bay at all times.

Brain Cancer:

It’ll rather be amusing for you to know that consumption of marijuana does also have a major medical benefit to offer as well. It has been proven that weed promotes the function of body’s immune system against cancer cells. In case of brain cancer, it has been found that THC, a constituent of marijuana is capable of killing the brain cancer cells directly.

Slow Aging:

Last but not the least, consumption of weed promotes the slowing of the natural event of aging. Since the risk of Alzheimer’s disease with aging is increased exponentially, weed may help a great deal in avoiding such risks. As mentioned earlier, the drug acts on the hippocampus and keeps the memory stronger that acts against the conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Cannabis for the BrainTaking the above mentioned information into consideration, it is only fair to conclude that consumption of marijuana killing the brain cells is nothing more than a myth.

As a matter of fact, weed has a huge range of positive impacts to offer for the overall functioning and health of your brain.

As always, too much consumption of anything is going to have a negative impact on your body. This is why it is important to avoid over consumption of weed in order to make sure that you to keep the balance and don’t become mentally addicted to the herb.

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History of the marijuana prohibition


Is weed bad for you is a fundamental question in terms of using weed for your own purpose. There are for sure a lot of people who are afraid of marijuana effects and what can happen if they using marihuna or other products of cannabis with psycadelic ingredients like the Cannabinoid THC. On the other Side we have an big hype going around the media supported from comercial pop, hip hop, rap stars who want to preserve their bad image.

Food for the brain and food for the body. Is weed bad for you?

cannabis-health-dose-makes-the-poisonAs mentioned in the Pros and Cons of cannabis use, it is substantial to use it responsibly and with consciousness. As anything used ruthless and too much can harm you. And what is too much is subjective. For some less and for others more. In a medicinal (marihuana) and relaxation point of view.

If someone eat too much or the wrong food or too much from wrong food, it would probably harm him. And if you know the numbers, there are 100 thousands of people every year who died because of the wrong handling with their daily food. Comparatively on this, weed is same dangerous than food.

But you will never read, that someone has died because he was smoking too much weed. Of course, if he drove with the car and slept away and died in car crash for example. But not of the marijuana effects or  because of the marijuana side effects.

Reason Nr.1 marijuana-strainsFrom mild to strong weed

If someone is going to use cannabis the first time, there are a few things he might should know and consider.

Weed is not the same as weed. That means, there exist a lot of different varieties of cannabis respectively types of weed. And as result a huge variety of cannabis products as hash and oil.

Every phenotype of cannabis plant contains different concentrations of cannabinoids as THC and CBD. Some Weed is growing outdoor some indoor, some on hydroculture some on soil. Some has more sativa in it some more indica or ruderalis.

This huge variety of different cannabis types contains, depending on the variety, THC from 5% up to about 30 %. And with it different effects of smoking.

This all you should know and consider. Here lies one of the dangers in it and why maybe is weed bad for you. Because if you are not used to smoke weed and you smoke to much or to strong weed, it might knock you out.

What you should do if you are smoking weed the first time or a new weed for the first time:

Take your time and do not puff too fast or too much. Just take a small puff and wait. Let it come to you and relax. Do not rush you. With inhaling normally takes about 5 minutes until the effect. The most common mistake in this matter is, to smoke too much because the user think he feels nothing and he can take some more. After 5-10 min, the effects of smoking of all puffs he made comes around and greet him very intense.

But don´t panic. Everything is gonna be allright.

It’s just a matter of time, and after about 30 minutes the strongest part of the weed effects
subsides again. Carrying precautionary with something sweet to increase your blood sugar level again. To lower the blood sugar level is one of the health benefits of marijuana, if you blood sugar level is too high. But if not, it can affect your circulation.

Reason Nr. 2 Wrong handling, is this possible?

Yes, it is. Every person is different and has different Life Circumstances and conditions. Some know how to treat themselves others don’t. Some don’t know what they need and what not and when is too much. With the right mindset and knowledge, the usage of cannabis is one of the greatest gifts for human kind from Nature or God, how ever you call it. But if you use it too much or wrong all its positive effects convert into its opposite. Too much is a question of a true personal matter. So be true to yourself and don’t let pushing you into using it. Not from someone else and not from yourself.

Reason Nr. 3 The Self Fulfilled Prophecy

Black Market of WeedWhat i mean by that, will explain you the following content and is quite interesting. Let’s Face the facts about the real Danger in cannabis today.

What could a cannabis users happen nowadays?

As we know from the previous posts, there are much less dangers in cannabis use then in the most common legal drugs and with it comes a huge amount of health benefits. Of Course we talk about regulated use of persons they are 18 years and older. Lets say a person is interested in using cannabis or decide to use cannabis for his own purpose, relaxation and meditation or simply need medical marihuana –
cannabis as medicine.

He is forced to go to his dealer on the blackmarket if he already has one. On this blackmarket he gets in contact with a lot of heavy drugs which are really dangerous. By the way, that is the only reason why marijuana is considered  as a gateway drug. And not because the cannsbis user would like to take heavy drugs after he smoke weed. It is just because he get in touch with it because the only way he can buy his weed is the blackmarket.

The other consequence of this blackmarket is the quality of weed. This weed really could be bad for you. Because the Drug Dealer is not the only link in the chain. He bought the weed from a Wholesaler and the wholesaler bought it from the smuggler and the smuggler from the producer. In this supply chain everyone wants earn money as much as possible. On the one hand because its an dangerous job and on the other to compensate losses due to confiscation.  The result is that the distributors and dealers cut the cannabis product with chemicals. The most consument actually did not know that they smoke weed which is contaminated with chemicals and a lot of them get sick because of it. In one way or another.

The Gouvernment made those laws and created the Blackmarket with it. The same one who tells us not to use marijuana because it is so dangerous created a crime scene which only exist becaus of the law against the human right to use a plant for his own. With that they bring us in contatct with real dangerous drugs, gangster and mafia and cutet cannabis products wich is really dangerous for health.

Those who preach to protect and patronize us with laws, create the real danger from which they specify to protect us. The Self Fulfilled Prophecy was created.

Reason Nr. 4 The law is on yours side? Think twice!

Marijuana prison dangerThere are so many things in this capitalist economy, imperialism, democratic world in which you legally can buy and consume things which are scientifically and statistically very dangerous for the people in short or long term.

I just mention that to show you the relation between cannabis, which is illegal and legal stuff which is proven much more dangerous and causes the death of thousands of people every year. The public discourse to criminalize cannabis is because it is dangerous for the people. As mentioned in my previous post “History of the marijuana prohibition”,where you can find the real reasons of the criminalization of cannabis.

The threat about the criminalization of marijuana is the law by itself. Normal People as you and I who decided to use cannabis for his own personal reason get criminalized by doing so. Not because we harm anyone in any matter. And not because we harm yourself. On the contrary. I used cannabis for about 20 years regularly and I am healthy. I would say i am healthier then the average people in my age. And I had a lot of benefits of cannabis products.

Nobody wants to go to prison. Comprehensible, then nobody want to lose his freedom. And the risk to harm the health of your life in jail, mentally and physically  are huge. But we, the people do not choose this laws which are against our right to self determination and self-responsibility. They are made by politicians.

We, the humans have no problem to live with cannabis and we are not in danger because of that plant. On The Contrary. We have so much benefits from it and the real danger exist just because of the law and its consequences.
The only solution is the legalization of marijuana and legalization of cannabis throughout.

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History of the marijuana prohibition


Marijuana States of America

Literally everybody knows anything about cannabis this days and its a really loaded topic.

Since about 5000 years, this is how long we can track it back in history, the human kind is using cannabis respectively weed in many different cultures.

Especially since the prohibition of cannabis about 100 years ago, there is a lot of information going around. In the Newspaper, Television, School and Gossip.

There are so many different and contradictory information about Marijuana, so that everyone gets flooded with it and are building his opinion based on this information, disinformation, propaganda and pop.

But what is true about it an what fake? Is weed bad for you? What are the Pros and Cons of the weed effects?. What should we really know about cannabis and how should we deal with it.

So I decided to build a Website where I can go deeper in those questions and I will give you the best answers to that based on my experience and studies.

But I promise, I will make it as short and understandable as I can. And if you decide to follow my explanations and interpretations you will get good entertained as well. Because what you are going to read is revealing and exciting.

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